Benefits of Mobile Fueling

Eliminate Costly Fuel Storage:

AMP can eliminate the need for your company to maintain its present fuel storage facility. We have all heard the horror stories of environmental contamination and the skyrocketing cost of hazardous material cleanup as well as the extensive requirements imposed by EPA on UST and AST facilities and connecting equipment. AMP on-site fuel delivery can help eliminate these problems.

Eliminate Costly Driver Down Time and Improve Morale:

AMP will make its deliveries while your fleet is idle to ensure your vehicles will be ready to roll when your drivers arrive for work. Driver hours can be maximized on profit making activities rather than time wasted at truck stops, unmanned fuel islands or other off-site fueling facilities. Driver morale will be improved since they don’t have to waste time fueling especially in bad weather.

Accounting for fuel made easy:

Our Fuel Tracking Controller will make your accounting functions simple with our custom reports both daily and weekly which include:

  • Date and time of fuel delivery
  • Product type
  • Total utilization by asset number as well as total fleet consumption.
  • Daily and weekly  billing showing “rack price, taxes and service charge”
  • Reports separating on-road taxable fuel from off-road non-taxable fuel
Fuel Contracts with our partners help guarantee fuel supply!

AMP loads ALL it’s fuel directly off major loading terminals not secondary storage facilities. AMP has fuel contracts with its working partners that helps guarantee supply even when other carriers are out due to allocation. You might remember when Hurricane Katrina hit the entire Southeastern US was on allocation. None of our customers ran out of fuel even when AMP was providing fuel for restoration efforts in New Orleans. This is one of the major benefits our customers enjoy with our service.