AMP provides Fleet Refueling or Bulk Deliveries for On-Road and Off-Road Diesel, Unleaded, and DEF Equipment. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


AMP proudly uses FTC, (Fluid Tracking Controls, LLC) for its electronic fuel data capture system. The FTC is the most user-friendly and dependable fuel tracking system on the market today. In addition, AMP uses NetSuite for our back-office invoicing and accounting system. The FTC downloads fueling transactions directly from our truck into our NetSuite platform. Now a customer has instant access to their own Invoices, Delivery Tickets, Account AR, Taxes, IFTA Reporting, etc. All a customer must do is log into the access portal on our website and once we set them up with a username and password, they can have 24/7 access to all their reports. The customer never has to call AMP for anything. If you use COMDATA or another fleet card, NetSuite can report to any Commercial Payment Solution Company in their required format so the customer can continue to use their current vendor for fuel deliveries, billing, and reporting. For more details on how the FTC and NetSuite's systems work click here!


With our specialized equipment, we can reach places few can like Construction Sites, Cell Towers, and Generators in Parking Garages. Our small trucks have the exact same certified weights and measures capabilities as our big trucks. We service DEF the exact same way as Diesel. American Mobile Petroleum, Inc. has the fueling solution for your business. We service wide variety of customers including:

  • LTL and OTR Fleets
  • Food and Beverage Fleets
  • Construction Equipment
  • Emergency Backup Generators
  • Municipalities and Utility Contractors
  • Bulk and Skid Tank Users
  • Rental Equipment
  • Emergency Storm Response
  • Mobile Fueling
  • DEF Bulk Fueling

If it has a fuel tank we can fill it – WHEREVER, WHENEVER. No Delivery is too small. Whether its 5 gallons or 10,000 gallons we have specialized equipment to service you!

American Mobile Petroleum has serviced every single Major Hurricane that has hit the US coast since 2000. From Hurricane Sandy in NY to Hurricane Michael in Texas and Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. We cover the entire US Eastern seaboard all the way to Brownsville TX. AMP recently fueled all the airport equipment at DFW Airport when a winter ice storm shut down the city. With our 4x4 small trucks, we were the only vehicles that could get around on the ice-covered roads. Our experience in handling hard-to-fuel emergency jobs is second to none. Whether it is Diesel for a backup generator or unleaded for your corporate fleet or employees’ vehicles to get back and forth to work. We guarantee fuel supply through our network of suppliers and make sure you do not run out of fuel even if we must transport it in from other states. If we commit, we guarantee it.



Our Suppliers