American Mobile Petroleum, Inc. has the solution for your business. No delivery is too big or too small. If it has a fuel tank we can fill it. We service a wide variety of the transportation industry including:

  • LTL & OTR Fleets
  • Food & Beverage Fleets
  • Construction Equipment
  • Emergency Backup Generators
  • Municipalities & Utility Contractors
  • Bulk & Skid Tank Users
  • Rental Equipment
  • DEF Mobile Fueling
  • DEF Bulk Fueling

Fleer Refueling

AMP can provide two types of DEF Delivery. We can provide DEF Mobile Fleet Fueling and DEF Bulk Deliveries for Totes. We have the capabilities to make dealing with DEF a lot easier while increasing your drivers productivity.


AMP has a Skid Tank Program for you. From 300 to 2000 gallon double wall skid tanks we can get you what you need. We only use the best parts available so you are not calling us with an issue and employees standing around waiting for fuel.


AMP is proud to offer its customers DEF Bulk Fueling for their Totes and Mobile Fleet Fueling for their Vehicles. We use the same FTC Tracking System on our DEF trucks along with Certified Weights and Measures Meters so we can invoice the customer for exact gallons which is the same as on our Petroleum Trucks.

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American Petroleum is here to provide all your fueling related needs.