Fleet Refueling

Fleet Refueling

AMP now provides DEF Fleet Fueling using the exact same process we use to provide Fleet Fueling of petroleum products. We use the same bar code system for petroleum products as we use for DEF. The tracking system we use is by Fluid Tracking Controls (FTC).

AMP uses a certified weights and measure meter to track every single transaction down to 1/100th of a gallon to ensure the customer received what they were invoiced for. This level of detail is very hard to find in the fueling industry for DEF but is standard for us. The FTC is NTEP certified and is without a doubt the best tracking system on the market today.

AMP builds special delivery trucks for the DEF industry. Each truck is equipped with the same tracking technology that we use on our fuel trucks. This allows us to provide the same fleet refueling service of DEF as we do petroleum-based products. We can fuel individual tanks at rates as low as 4 gallons per minute – or less – and we can fuel totes through our high volume system at rates as high as 60 gallons per minute. If you need a tote, we can provide one. If you want individual unit fueling, we can provide that service. We custom-fit a solution based on your needs. We can even arrange 2 ½ gallon jugs or 55 gallon drums to be delivered to your job site. Need parts for your existing system? We can help!


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