Fueling Process & Technology

AMP proudly uses FTC, (Fluid Tracking Controls, LLC) for its electronic fuel data capture system. The FTC is the most user friendly and dependable fuel tracking system on the market today.  What makes the FTC so unique is the way it interacts with the driver. There is no methodology for the driver to enter gallons, vehicle information, customer information, etc. The driver cannot enter any data in the field because the FTC uses a laser scanner not a handheld computer. New employees can be trained to operate the FTC in hours not days or weeks because all commands are scan activated.

Now for the FTC’s most valuable asset. Since the driver cannot enter any data, it is impossible for the driver to make a transaction error. Any scans that are not authorized by the FTC stops the fueling process. The customer receives clean and error free information at time of fueling. Any authorization issues happen at the time of fueling not after the driver has left the yard. In addition, unlike most fuel tracking systems today, the FTC does not rely on Wi-Fi or cellular communication to function.  In the event the Wi-Fi or Cellular systems fail or are out of range, other tracking systems can’t continue because they cannot function without Cloud Based communication. The FTC runs on its own platform.  The driver receives their route for their shift via IPhone or Android cellphone. The driver must follow the route in order it was sent to the driver or the FTC will not work. Simply put the FTC authorizes and captures the fueling data of each piece of equipment by forcing the driver to follow a set of commands. The driver can only fuel what the FTC allows them too.

Fluid Tracking Controller! Here's How It All Works!

The operator enters the LOGIN activation to start the route. Upon arrival at the first customer location, the operator scans or uses the touch pad to activate the SET CUSTOMER NUMBER on the FTC. Only vehicles associated with that customer number will receive FUEL/DEF at this time.

Next, the operator scans his PRODUCT TYPE they are delivering, DEF, Unleaded, On-road or Off-Road Diesel Fuel. After the driver selects the product type the driver can then scan the unit barcode above the tank. The scanned bar code is sent via Bluetooth back to the FTC for validation. Once validated, the FTC opens a solenoid valve at the meter that allows the product to be dispersed. The FTC then records all gallons dispersed to that unit ID.

The FTC (Fuel Tracking Controller) turns on the correct pump after reading the alpha numeric code.

• ULD = On-Road Diesel

• ULR = Off-Road Diesel

• ULN = Unleaded Gasoline

• DEF = Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Barcodes are also color coded when the customer units are identified.

Note* In the unlikely event an unleaded nozzle is inserted in a diesel unit and scanned, the pump will not turn on. This eliminates cross-fueling.

Once the tank is full, the automatic nozzle shuts-off. After 4 seconds the FTC quits seeing gallons being dispersed and completes the transaction for that unit. The FTC closes the solenoid valve at the meter and totals the gallons for that transaction. This process is repeated over and over until the entire fleet is fueled. The driver can then print a ticket for the customer that totals all the transactions for that yard.

The FTC generates a simple easy to read delivery ticket showing only what you need. Customer name, date, time, Unit ID, and total gallons of each product type dispersed into the fleet.  All transactions are accessible

Customer Login


AMP uses NetSuites for our back-office invoicing and accounting system. The FTC downloads fueling transactions from our truck directly into our NetSuite platform. Invoices are done the following morning. This gives the customer unparalleled reporting capabilities so they can custom sort reports for their own Taxes, IFTA Reporting, Fuel Usage, Invoices, Account Balance, etc. All a customer must do is log into the access portal on our web site and once we set them up with their username and password, they don’t have to call AMP for anything. Reports are available 24/7 at your fingertips. If you use COMDATA or another fleet card, NetSuites can report to any Commercial Payment Solution Company in their required format so the customer can continue to use their current vendor for billing and reporting.

The FTC has been developed by industry leading professional’s with over 60 years combined experience and will operate flawlessly in the most extreme environments and hold up to operator abuse.  It was built to be driver proof. Its rugged design has been proven to hold up day after day and year after year and is already 5G capable.  The FTC’s components come from the worlds leading organizations like Zebra and DIGI.  No other fuel tracking system is as dependable and easy to operate as the FTC.  Since AMP started using the FTC, we have not lost one line of code or one single transaction since it was implemented in April of 2017. Not one.


Our delivery tickets give you the information you need and the peace of mind you want to make sure everything is correct.


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