AMP’s Skid Tank program is custom designed to fit your needs. AMP only uses double wall skid tanks with the best hardware available.

AMP supplies the following on all our tanks:

  • Depending on what state you live in, some Fire Marshals are requiring Secondary Containment in certain applications. AMP now provides Secondary Containment for all its 500 and 1000 gallon double wall tanks at all construction and temporary sites at no additional charge.
  • HD Fill-Rite Constant Velocity Pumps are used for 115-volt applications. They are designed to run all day without overheating. They have a pump rate of 25 gallons per minute and provide years of trouble-free service.
  • HD Fill-Rite 12/24 Volt Pumps are used for all temporary skid tanks. These pumps are designed to run off 12- or 24-volt applications in the field. They have a pump rate of 25 gallons per minute and will not burn up if powered by 24-volt applications.
  • All AMP Tanks come with CIMTEK 30 Micron Hydrosorb Fuel Filter for Diesel and 10 Micron Hydrosorb Fuel Filter for Unleaded. We guarantee no water ever goes into your equipment. If water is present in the fuel, this filter absorbs the water and swells to the point of stopping all fuel from passing. The customer only needs to change the filter, for which we provide spares. If the flow rate slows down or stops all that is needed is a new filter and the customer is up and running in minutes.
  • We only use OPW automatic shut-off nozzles and swivels with an extra-long fuel hose to make fueling your equipment easier.
  • AMP has a rental program for customers that don’t have their own tanks.
  • AMP can provide fuel monitoring at no additional charge. We take the responsibility of keeping your tank full. Your crew never has to worry about running out. A job site out of fuel is a problem we make go away.


American Petroleum is here to provide all your fueling related needs.